This is the difference between rapid antigen test and antibody rapid test and the price

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ILLUSTRATION.Researchers conducted the CePAD Antigen Rapid Test formulation at the Research Center for Molecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Padjadjaran University, Bandung, West Java, Thursday (21/5/2020).BETWEEN PHOTOS/M Agung Rajasa/aww.*** Local Captions ***KONTAN.CO.ID - The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government requires all people who want to go in and out of Jakarta to be free of corona by showing a letter from the results of the rapid antigen test.Quoted from news, Thursday (12/17/2020), this letter of the results of the rapid antigen test is valid for people who use public transportation.Head of the DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency, Syafrin Liputo, stated that starting December 18, 2020, entering and leaving the DKI Jakarta area must include a letter from the results of the rapid antigen test."From December 18 (December 2020) to January 8 (2021) all must include a rapid antigen test," Syafrin said in a statement.However, this has not yet been applied to residents who travel in and out of Jakarta by private vehicles.So, what is a rapid antigen test that is a requirement for entering and leaving Jakarta?Also read: How long will the body be immune from the corona virus after being injected with a vaccine?Rapid antibody testIn addition, there is also a rapid antibody test for early detection of corona virus infection.Rapid antibody test is a test to detect the presence of antibodies in the blood of people who are believed to have been infected with Covid-19.Summarized from the WHO website, antibodies are produced within days to weeks after a person is infected with the virus.The strength or weakness of the antibody response to the coronavirus depends on several factors, including age, nutritional status, severity of illness, and certain medications or infections such as HIV that suppress a person's immune system.Studies show that the majority of patients develop an antibody response in the second week or 14 days after infection with Covid-19.Read also: So the conditions for entering and leaving Jakarta, here is the rapid antigen test and the priceThis means that the diagnosis of Covid-19 infection based on the antibody response can often only be made in the recovery phase, when many opportunities for clinical intervention or cessation of disease transmission have passed.This antibody detection test can also react with other types of corona virus besides the cause of Covid-19, so there is a chance of giving false positive results.Thus, the results are less accurate than the rapid antigen test.How the antibody rapid test works by taking blood for examination samples.The length of time used to detect the presence or absence of antibodies in the body is 5 to 10 minutes.The price for this antibody rapid test is quite affordable, namely Rp. 150 thousand, even in some places the price can be below Rp. 100 thousand if there is a promo.Also read: 4 things to know about the rapid test antigen Rapid test antigen and the priceSummarized from the FDA's website, the rapid antigen test is a test to identify people infected with the corona virus by detecting the presence of genetic material or specific proteins from the virus in a person's body.Samples taken were mucus from the nose and throat using the swab method.For this reason, the rapid antigen test is sometimes referred to as an antigen swab.This test can be said to be more accurate and specific than the rapid antibody test because it identifies the virus in nasal and throat secretions.Also Read: For early detection, the director of Dana Brata Luhur (TEBE) routinely tests for Covid-19However, this test is still less accurate when compared to PCR.The results of this test can be obtained in just a matter of minutes, usually around 15 to 30 minutes.The accuracy of the antigen rapid test results if someone is tested positive for the corona virus is usually high.However, there is still the possibility of a false positive test result.Meanwhile, for negative results, a PCR test should still be carried out to find out the results more accurately.Quoted from Kontan, November 15, 2020, the price of rapid antigen tests in Indonesia is in the range of Rp. 349,000 to Rp. 665,000.Prices vary depending on the laboratory or agency that provides the Covid-19 rapid antigen test.Next: Going in and out of Jakarta must include the results of the rapid test starting December 18Check other News and Articles on Google News