Security cameras show gunfire and an apparent police chase, but neighbors still don't know what happened |

2022-12-02 17:02:42 By : Ms. Linda Lin

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SAN ANTONIO — A far west-side neighborhood is still seeking answers after hearing gunfire and seeing video evidence of what looked like a police chase. Vhf Uhf Jammer

Security cameras show gunfire and an apparent police chase, but neighbors still don't know what happened |

On video, rounds of gunfire are heard going off early Monday morning in the Luckey Ranch subdivision. Residents, who live there, sent KENS 5 surveillance videos. They appear to show a police unit going after a car then you hear several shots go off.

On Monday, the Bexar County Sheriff's Office sent the following statement to KENS 5:

"At this time BCSO is checking logs to verify if in fact a BCSO patrol unit was involved in this incident. The Bexar County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating this incident and has begun canvassing the neighborhood for video surveillance and evidence that may have captured the suspects indiscriminately firing rounds. Anyone with video footage or information on the suspects involved in this incident are asked to contact the BCSO at (210)335-600 or email the Criminal Investigations Division at"

On Tuesday, BCSO confirmed that one of their deputies was pursuing the vehicle, but the pursuit was terminated due to the suspect's speed. They said they weren't sure if they were shooting at the deputy, or got away from the deputy and began shooting randomly, or if the noise heard was the vehicle backfiring. They sent the following statement to KENS 5:

Nothing was done wrong by the deputy from what we are able to tell. It also appears the deputy thought the vehicle was making backfire noise which could’ve cancelled out the gunfire as well. However, investigators have obtained statements from residents, video footage, but due to the poor quality we are hoping a resident has clear footage that we can share with the public to help identify the suspects. We are asking the public to submit any videos they may have to our axon portal. 

Patricia Diaz has lived in the neighborhood with her family for nearly four years. Diaz said she and her husband quickly grabbed their kids to hide.

"We jumped out of bed quickly," she said. "I assumed they shot at my house."

Diaz said she was close to the action. They have three little girls under the age of ten.

"A bullet can hit your kid," she said. That is scary to think, that many shots. I have never heard that many shots."

Diaz's home was untouched. The gunshots scared the mom and her neighbors. One resident told KENS 5 they got to the ground fast. They said this happened after three before four Monday morning. Residents shared several surveillance videos. In them, you see a police unit with lights on going after a red car and then you start to hear the gunfire.

"They were loud," Diaz said.

Later in the morning, Diaz said she went outside and found shell casings just feet away from her home.

"There were shells everywhere," she said. "Everywhere, gold shells."

The mother said she counted at least 24 casings on the ground and says there were two different types. Diaz along with the neighborhood just want to know what really unfolded.

"I grew up on the south side of San Antonio," she said. "I saw lot of things growing up too. It is different when you have kids. I don't feel safe. I don't."

The neighborhood was already on edge. On Halloween, BCSO had reported a man went through an open garage door and sexually assaulted a woman. BCSO is still looking for the wanted suspect.

Security cameras show gunfire and an apparent police chase, but neighbors still don't know what happened |

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