Clinical Trial and FDA Registration for VOCs Biosensing Kit (Molecular Diagnostic Tester) from CD BIO, South Korea

2022-09-11 02:26:19 By : Ms. Yatianjing .

Illustration of VOCs Biosensing Kit

Korean technicians announced on the 30th that they will develop a diagnostic device that diagnoses lung cancer from breathing tests. They have plans to register the device for U.S. FDA approval and conduct clinical trials.

To reduce the death rate that is increasing due to cancer, Korean company CD BIO's CEO, Baek Kyung-jin, has developed a diagnostic device VOCs Biosensing kit that detects lung cancer and various cancers at an early stage with simple breathing test.

With the support of the Korean Academy of Clinical Health and the Korean government, Globalian is conducting FDA registration and the clinical trial process of CD BIO's VOCs Biosensing Kit through an export voucher project, collaborating with International Licensing Research Solutions, LLC and American Technology Clinical Solutions, Inc.

The initial clinical trial was successful, and the thesis presentation was conducted. After that, the company plans to prepare for a clinical trial with a credible institution for follow-up tests, and at the same time announce the product through FDA registration and approval in the United States and strives to advance in the markets in the United States.

CD BIO's CEO, Baek Kyung-jin said, “Through this clinical trial and the U.S. FDA approval process, we will play the role of a tool to save people by combining the talents that God has given us with technology. It is the path that I have been praying for until now, and I believe that he will lead me in the future.”

Next, he thanked all the technical staff and researchers who participated in the development and said that he would request FDA approval based on the sober judgment and clear technology direction of the US research institute.

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