National Covid-19 Cases Begin to Rise, Wonogiri Regent Asks Residents to Immediate Booster Vaccinations -

2022-08-09 00:56:45 By : Ms. Chloe LYU

National Covid-19 Cases Start to Rise, Wonogiri Regent Asks Residents to Immediate Booster - Wonogiri Regent Joko Sutopo appealed to residents in his area to immediately carry out the third dose or booster vaccination.The appeal was issued in line with the increase in Covid-19 cases at the national level in the last two weeks."We ask residents who have not had the booster vaccine to immediately go to the nearest health facility.All health workers (nakes) to facilities are in a ready position," said the man who is familiarly called Jekek in a written statement received by, Wednesday (20/7/2022).According to him, the booster vaccine does not only provide citizens with immunity from Covid-19 transmission.With the third dose of vaccination, Jekek said, residents do not have to bother doing rapid antigen tests or polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests when traveling outside the area to shopping centers.Also read: Travel Requirements for those who haven't been boosted, PCR/Antigen Mandatory"The central government has announced one of the prerequisites for residents who want to travel using train transportation to planes to have booster vaccinations," he said.If there is no booster vaccination, Jekek continued, residents must do a rapid antigen test or PCR test.On that occasion, Jekek revealed that the community was less responsive to getting a booster vaccination.This is evident from the achievement of the third dose of vaccination in Wonogiri which was only 38 percent.In fact, he said, one of the conditions for switching from a pandemic to an endemic is the achievement of a booster vaccination in an area of ​​at least 40 percent.Also read: Active Covid-19 Cases in Solo Again Rise, Health Office Reminds People to Immediate Booster Vaccination"The problem faced by the community is that they are not responsive to boosters.Because, they feel their condition is healthy, “explained Jekek.In addition, he continued, news from the media, be it television (tv) or others, also informed that Covid-19 had been considered over and had passed.Despite many obstacles, Jekek stated that the Wonogiri Regency Government continues to take various steps and consolidation, especially to achieve the 40 percent booster vaccination target."In order to achieve maximum booster vaccination, I have ordered government officials at the sub-district and village levels to continue to echo the importance of booster vaccines to the community," he said.Not only the government, Jekek added, health human resources (HR) devices are also always ready to serve residents who come to health facilities to carry out booster vaccinations.Also read: Covid-19 is still there, the public is advised to get a booster vaccine to reduce the death rateAs a further effort to deal with the increase in Covid-19 cases, Jekek has also ordered the Wonogiri Covid-19 Task Force (Satgas) to continue to check and monitor all sub-districts.In addition, he said, health facilities and medical equipment (alkes) for handling Covid-19 will still be prepared by officers if at any time they are used by officers.“We are still on standby for supporting properties.We also continue to prepare health facilities and medical equipment.So in principle, we government officials through the task force remain on standby by checking and monitoring," said Jekek.According to him, what the Wonogiri Regency Government has done has been consolidated in the controlled coordination aspect.Also read: Boosting Booster Vaccination Achievements, Wonogiri Regent Implements Special StrategiesMoreover, booster vaccinations in schools are already 100 percent.However, Jekek asked all schools to monitor the condition of students.“Especially for school principals, teachers, and education staff continue to monitor.Don't let things happen that are not expected," he explained.Apart from schools, Jekek continued, social, cultural, cultural and sporting activities are allowed to be held because there has been concessions from the central government.The easing is carried out with the consideration that the economy must take place immediately.Moreover, the case has sloped quite significantly."Nevertheless, I remind residents to continue to comply with health protocols (prokes) as long as the Covid-19 pandemic has not been declared over by the central government," said Jekek.We can end the Covid-19 pandemic if we unite against it.History has proven that vaccines have saved the world from pandemics several times.Vaccines are one of the most valuable discoveries in the world of science.Don't hesitate and don't be afraid to get vaccinated.Check vaccination updates.Let's help health workers and our neighbors who are affected by Covid-19.Click here to donate via Kitabisa.Write your comments with the hashtag #JernihBerkomentar and win e-vouchers for 90 winners!Get information and insight selected by editorsDouble check and complete your data.Your data will be used for account verification when you need assistance or 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