Serving Thanksgiving appetizers in the garage while waiting for the COVID test results: the doctor

2021-11-26 09:23:44 By : Ms. Icy yang

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A CBS guest suggested that the Thanksgiving host provide guests with "appetizers in the garage" while waiting for the results of their quick COVID-19 test

Psychologist Lisa Tamour (Lisa Tamour) said in an appearance on CBS Mornings on Wednesday that psychologist Lisa Tamour (Lisa Tamour) encourages families to try Appetizers are provided in a safer and more open environment at home, making the possibly uncomfortable family situation “interesting”.

"It's difficult because people are everywhere in this area, and their risk tolerance is everywhere," Tamur said. "But rapid testing makes this much easier because we can actually confirm safety on the spot regardless of people's vaccination status."

"If the situation feels weird, maybe it can be made interesting," Tamur said. "Suppose we are going to start with the appetizers in the garage. You know we can drink, we will do a quick test, and then come in, right?"

The host of the show was furious at this strange suggestion.

"You can make it interesting, you can make it interesting," she insisted, "and then you can enjoy the holiday because you don't worry about safety."

Social media users quickly mocked Tamour's Thanksgiving plan.

"If you follow any of these suggestions, your family will be lame and the food will be bland and dry. Scientific facts," user Larry Williams tweeted.

"I will definitely refuse politely and go elsewhere. This is crazy," another said.