Effective and Top Sales IPL Intense Pulsed Light with Good Results

 Application of ipl hair removal machine:1)   Hair removal: limbs hair, axillary hair, beard, lip hairs, etc.2)   Skin rejuvenation: remove wrinkle, whiten skin, shrink pore, etc.3)   Speckle removal: freckle, age pigment, sunburn, birthmark, etc.4)   Vascular Lesi

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 Application of ipl hair removal machine:
1)   Hair removal: limbs hair, axillary hair, beard, lip hairs, etc.
2)   Skin rejuvenation: remove wrinkle, whiten skin, shrink pore, etc.
3)   Speckle removal: freckle, age pigment, sunburn, birthmark, etc.
4)   Vascular Lesions: telangiectasia, rosacea, spider angiomatas, etc
5)   Acne removal: all kinds of acne treatment, pigment, etc
 Effective and Top Sales IPL Intense Pulsed Light with Good Results

Work theory of ipl hair removal machine:
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) adopts the principle that substance absorbs light selectively. As different target tissues absorbs pulsed light with different spectrum and the light acts on pigment. Through photo thermal and actinism, the machine could dispel pigment, concrete blood vessel, burn the hair follicle and stimulate the collagen to regeneration, then it will achieve the aim to dispelling speckles, treating telangiectasis, removing hair and rejuvenating skin. Because the normal skin absorbs little energy, so the treatment is safe .

Feature of ipl hair removal machine:
1)   UK imported xenon lamp high performance;
2)   Different spot size suitable for different treatment area;
3)   Expert system with skin type and skin color selectable;
4)   USA & German standard hand piece fast connection;
5)   Semi-conductor cooling head and water cooling system;
6)   12000 MFD capacitor, 16nm lift rate pump, 6L/min flow rate for cooling;
7)   CE Medical approved, ISO13485, 93/42/EEC standards production processes.
Effective and Top Sales IPL Intense Pulsed Light with Good Results
Specifications of ipl hair removal machine:
Range of Spectrum          480-950nm: remove acne
                                         530 -950nm: speckle treatment
                                         560 -950nm: skin rejuvenator
                                         590-950nm: remove vessel
                                         640 -950nm: remove unwanted hair
                                         optional690-950nm:remove unwanted hair,
                                         opitional 755-950nm:remove unwanted hair,
                                         opitional 810-950nm :remove unwanted hair,opitional
RF Frequency                  3MHZ
RF Power                         1-100J/CM3
Density of Energy             Portable: 1~50J/cm2,  Vertical: 1-60J/cm2
Power supply output         Portable model: 1500W, Vertical model: 2000W
Size of Spot:                     12*30mm2, 13*40mm2, 16*50 mm2
Amount of pulse               1~6,adjustable
Interval of Pulse               1~99ms,adjustable
Sub-pulse Width               0.1~9.9ms,adjustable
Cycle                                1~4s,adjustable
Cooling Way                     semi-conductor cooling, water cooling, air cooling
Cooling Temperature       -5-5 °C
Continuous workg period  24 hours
Language                         English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian

Certifications of ipl hair removal machine:
Noble laser is a professional manufacturer of beauty machine and medical device, our company got PMDPE, business license, tax registration, trademark registration, SGS. All of our products holdCE, ISO 13485(ITC),ISO 13485(TUV), free sale, etc.
Packing& shipping of ipl hair removal machine:
Packing: standard aluminum alloy box with 5cm inner protection
Shipping: DHL express, TNT express, UPS express, by air, by sea.

Service of ipl hair removal machine:
1)   3 years warranty and lifetime maintenance;
2)   OEM/ODM service offered, add your own language and logo;
3)   professional online guidance offered(face to face);
4)   24 hours hotline service to answer you anytime.
5)   Mechanical Malfunction: Our equipment follows principle of modular design for easy maintenance. The professional after-sale service team shall reach you immediately and solve the machine's problem within 1-3 working days.
6)   Damage in shipment: We pay insurance in shipment for every package, once any damage during transportation, Noble Laser shall assist you to solve the claims with the insurance companies to collect your money back in time.
Q&A of ipl hair removal machine:
Q: How many filters are there in this machine and what's their functions spectively?
A: Totally we offer you 5 filters, they are 480nm-950nm(480nm- 1200nm) used to remove acne, 530nm-950nm(530nm- 1200nm) for speckle treatment, 560nm- 950nm (560nm- 1200nm) for skin rejuvenation, 590nm-950nm(590nm- 1200nm) to remove vessel and 640nm-950nm(640nm- 1200nm) to remove hair and there remains three optional filters, they are 690nm-950nm(690nm-1200nm), 755nm-950nm(755nm-1200nm), 810nm- 950nm(810nm-1200nm), all of the three filters are used to remove unwanted hair.
Q:Is the effect of this machine apparent?
A: Patients can see dramatic benefits after a series of IPL treatments, which can be characterized as a painless and truly non-ablative treatment. The process is ideal for patients with active lifestyles because the procedure requires no downtime and produces few side effects.
Q:How does this machine remove hair?
A: Based on the principle of selective photothermolyisis, in pulsed light penetrates through the skin and is absorbed by target pigment (melanin) in hair follicle. The energy absorbed in the follicle causes temperature to reach a sufficiently high level. And thus make more it easily for radio frequency to act on it and heat it. Together the targeted hair structures are destroyed and the rebirth of hair is inhibited.

Why choose us: 
we own our own professional R&D team and supporting facilities , can track distributors' idea and make it real in a very short time, including the hardware, software and products appearance etc.
4 working days leading time guarantee customers got the machine soon
Noble Laser have more than 25 years of experience in the medical and beauty devices
All of our engineers have more than 21 years experience ,we can offer Strong technical support and track your requirements very well.
All of our machines got medical CE approved, all the production process is strictly according to ISO13485.
we are a company with Medical equipment production license. Products exported over 38 countries. as a 7 years' golden supplier of Alibaba, we are growing stronger with it.
only real Medical equipment manufacturers can register as manufacturer or they will be trading company
if a company without Medical equipment production license, their products will just list in the category of beauty machine not medical devices
you can download our Enterprise competency assessment report on our home page of alibaba.

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