High Accuracy Rapid Fecal H. Pylori Antigen Test

Product DescriptionTest name: H.Pylori Antibody/Antigen Test CassetteSpecification: 3.0mmSpecimen: Whole Blood/ FECALPackage: 1pc/bagThe kits can be made according to the customers\' artwork or design.More testPregnancy & Fertility TestProductSpecimenTypeSensitivityPregnancy(HCG)Urine/SerumStrip/Cassette/Midstream25mIU/mlOvu

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Product Description

Test name: H.Pylori Antibody/Antigen Test Cassette

Specification: 3.0mm

Specimen: Whole Blood/ FECAL

Package: 1pc/bag

The kits can be made according to the customers' artwork or design.

More test
Pregnancy & Fertility Test
Infectious Disease Test
HIV 1/2Serum/Plasma/Whole BloodStrip/Cassette4NCU/ml
Syphilis-TPSerum/Plasma/Whole BloodStrip/Cassette2NCU/ml
Malaria PFWhole BloodStrip/Cassette50parasites/ul
Malaria PV/PFWhole BloodStrip/Cassette50parasites/ul
Malaria Pan/PfWhole BloodStrip/Cassette50parasites/ul
TuberculosisSerum/Plasma/Whole BloodStrip/CassetteN/A
Dengue IgG/IgMSerum/Plasma/Whole BloodStrip/CassetteN/A
Dengue NS1Serum/Plasma/Whole BloodStrip/Cassette


Herpes SimplexSerum/PlasmaStrip/CassetteN/A
ChlamydiaCervical MucusStrip/CassetteN/A
GonorrheaCervical MucusStrip/CassetteN/A
H.pylori antibodySerum/Plasma/Whole BloodStrip/CassetteN/A

Liver Disease Test

Hepatitis A IgMSerum/Plasma/Whole BloodStrip/Cassette4NUC/ml
HBsAgSerum/Plasma/Whole BloodStrip/Cassette0.5ng/ml
HBsAbSerum/Plasma/Whole BloodStrip/Cassette10mIU/ml
HbeAgSerum/Plasma/Whole BloodStrip/Cassette2NUC/ml
HBeAbSerum/Plasma/Whole BloodStrip/CassetteN/A
HBcAbSerum/Plasma/Whole BloodStrip/Cassette2NCU/ml
Multi-HBVSerum/Plasma/Whole Blood5comboN/A
HCV IgMSerum/Plasma/Whole BloodStrip/Cassette2NCU/ml
HEV IgMSerum/Plasma/Whole BloodStrip/Cassette2NCU/ml
HAV/HEV IgMSerum/Plasma/Whole Blood2combo4NCU/ml

Company Profile

Shandong Harmowell have been in the business of medical and laboratory consumables since 2008.
Good quality and service have won us many customers over the world.

Main products as below:
1. rapid diagnostic tests
2. hospital/lab plastic products
3. medical exam instruments
4. disposable syringe and infusion set etc.
High Accuracy Rapid Fecal H. Pylori Antigen Test
High Accuracy Rapid Fecal H. Pylori Antigen TestHigh Accuracy Rapid Fecal H. Pylori Antigen TestHigh Accuracy Rapid Fecal H. Pylori Antigen Test

Our Advantages

Product Diversification

The medical products are different from the materials, types and packing, so the customers will choose many different ones for one order, but it is just one of our advantages

Quality Control

The medical products should focus on the good quality, for it is related to the life and health, and we will try our best to keep the good quality before shipment, in order to protect the consumers.

Timely Shipment

The medical products need to take some time in the production, transport and delivery, but the expiry date is limited, so we will ship the goods to the customers at a short time.

Service after Sale

The delivery of the medical products is the end of the order, but it is the beginning of the service. We will help the customers to resolve all the problems, once they happen.


Q1. How can I get a sample of any product for confirm the quality?

A: 1. Please give us your exactly specs details.  We can provide you a sample according to your specification.      
     2.You can send us a sample, we can give you a counter sample according to your sample.

Q2. How can I get a price of needed product?

A: 1. Please give your exactly specs details to us. We can give you a sample and price according to your specification .      
     2.You can send us a sample, we can give you a counter sample and price according to your sample .      
     3. If you don't know any specification, You can give us the pictures of the product, and the usage, we can give you a estimated price according to our experience. But exactly price must after we checking your original sample.

Q3. I am a small wholesaler, do you accept small order?

A: It's no problem, we would like to grow up with you together.

Q4.Can you make OEM or ODM service?

A: Yes. We can accept OEM service. Meanwhile it's also welcome to choose our ODM products.


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