The 30 Best Chore Coats for Men in 2022, Tested by Style Experts

2022-12-02 17:01:44 By : Mr. jim wong

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This workwear classic has become an everyday staple. Softshell Clothes

The 30 Best Chore Coats for Men in 2022, Tested by Style Experts

A DECADE ago, chore coats were an obscure piece of vintage workwear, but now they’re a menswear essential. They provide a more casual vibe, existing somewhere between a denim jacket and a tweed blazer. Which is why chore coats have become so popular recently. As menswear became more relaxed, we wanted something that could fill the role of a blazer while feeling more comfortable.

The chore coat as we know it comes from a style of jacket worn by artisans and workmen in nineteenth century France. By the 1890s, it had made its way into popular fashion much the same way workwear did in the early twenty first century. Monet was a notable fan of chore coats, judging by most of the pictures that exist from later in his life.

What sets a chore coat apart from other light jackets is its three patch pockets on the front, along with the four button closure, and a simple collar. Chore coats are always unlined and have no canvassing, fitting more like a shirt than a fully constructed jacket. Originally this was done to keep them cheap, but now the appeal lies in comfort. So if you’re looking for something that exists in the sweet spot between workwear and suiting, a chore coat is the way to go. That's why we assembled this list of the 30 best chore coats to add into your jacket rotation.

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Buck Mason constructed this chore coat out of a felted wool that is as soft as cotton and as rugged as tweed.

Duck Canvas is not actually made from duck, it's a kind of heavy duty canvas originally designed for outdoors activities like duck hunting.

Maison Kitsuné is a French company that honors the French tradition of the chore coat perfectly here. It has more of a barista vibe than carpenter.

Corduroy this fine has the touch and appearance of velvet, making this perfect match for trousers and a good pair of dress shoes.

The Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket is one of their staple designs, coming in a wide variety of fabrics and weights. It's fundamentally their take on a chore coat.

With the recent rise in popularity, you're seeing so many more variations on the chore coat than ever before. Like this version in faux shearling from YMC.

Sunspel created a sleeker appearance by moving the breast pocket to the inside of the coat. It's built out of a study winter weight Donegal wool.

Being a French denim company, APC had to make a denim chore coat. They stuck to the classic design but used jean style stitching, pockets, and rivet buttons.

The Carhartt Michigan coat is probably the most iconic American chore coat. With WIP, Carhartt builds it out of fabrics that are more stylish and fun than work ready.

This lightweight cotton chore coat from Armor Lux works year round. You can wear it like a shirt for winter layering just over a tee during the summer.

Levi's provides a more American take on the chore coat here. The riveted pockets, zipper front, and sleeve pocket are all classic American workwear features.

Mole skin is thick and warm but super soft. It's the perfect material to make a chore coat out of so Universal Works did just that.

Railway workers favored chore jackets in the 1800s. In a nod to that tradition, Dickies used a rail worker style hickory stripe fabric here.

Faherty has a talent for making all their clothes super comfortable. So of course, their stretch terry chore jacket is probably the most comfortable version out there.

If you're still more partial to a blazer but want to try out a chore coat, Billy Reid has the perfect transition piece right here.

This herringbone canvas chore jacket from Polo replicates a vintage American military jacket from the 1940s.

Wythe is a new brand out of NYC but they're quickly making a name for themselves by putting unique spins of staple menswear. This ranch jacket with the two oversized chest pockets is a perfect example.

Wide wale corduroy just screams fall. Which is why this chore jacket from Bloomindale's in-house brand is as fall as it gets.

Orvis is one of the most prestigious names in American outdoors gear. Their Bedford Chore Jacket may be built for fly fishing but looks great at fish counter of the super market as well.

United by Blue took a more modern utilitarian approach to this chore coat design. The rivet buttons keep it rooted in classic workwear, though.

A jacket by any other name... Shop jacket is just one of the many names for a chore coat. They all follow the same design.

Built from 100% cotton indigo dyed denim, this chore jacket from Rowan will age like fine wine. There's nothing like indigo denim patina.

This unique design from Alpha Industries is a true artisans coat. The two large, inset chest chest pockets make for ideal storage and access for design work.

The little swoosh on the chest is the only indication that this pared down chore coat is from Nike. They don't make much workwear but they nailed it here.

Its hard to find any outerwear form Mackintosh that isn't perfect. This light weight quilted chore jacket is no exception.

As if it wasn't cool enough that Todd Snyder blended a chore coat with a sherpa jacket, they did it in this gorgeous southwestern motif.

Haggar is a dependable source for stylish designs that look like they cost way more than they do. This cotton chore coat is under $100? Yup.

This 1950s style chore jacket from Tellason is made in the USA out of dead stock 14 oz White Oak Denim from the now closed Cone Mills.

It's hard to compete with RRL when it comes to vintage inspired workwear. Case in point: This denim chore coat.

The 30 Best Chore Coats for Men in 2022, Tested by Style Experts

Windproof Softshell Jacket Manufacturer This canvas chore coat from American Trench checks all the American workwear boxes. Bonus points for the corduroy collar and cuffs.