Do-it-yourself Covid-19 tests - here's where to buy them in Germany!-

2022-05-28 06:34:11 By : Mr. LEE Jack

This news last week caused quite a stir: three rapid antigen tests received special approval from the Federal Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices (German Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte).Initially, however, it was not known where and when it would actually be possible to purchase tests, thanks to which in the future everyone will be able to test for the presence of coronavirus at home.Three coronavirus rapid tests have been approved so far in Germany that can be used by lay people:All other antigen tests that have been approved by the Federal Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices are intended for professional use only and may only be performed by trained medical personnel.From next week, the tests will be available at the dm drugstore chain.The company said on Monday that testing would "likely" be available from March 9, provided the manufacturer lives up to its promises about delivery times.For now, it is not known what the retail price of these tests will be.Rapid tests can now be purchased online.In the online store of Viromed Medical from Pinneberg (Schleswig-Holstein), you can buy a quick antigen test of the Chinese manufacturer for self-performance at home.A single test costs 9.90 euros, plus shipping costs of 6.90 euros per order.The tests can also be purchased in a set of 5 for 49 euros or 25 for 247.50 euros.The Siemens Healthineers test is available on the DocCheck Shop website.The minimum order quantity is 20 tests for 149.90 euro.So one test costs around € 7.50.For this you also need to add shipping costs.The delivery time is unfortunately five to seven business days.The test of the Chinese manufacturer "Boson Biotech" is marketed by the company "Löwe Medizintechnik" of Waltenhofen (Bavaria).The distributor promises fast delivery of about 16 million tests per month.However, both the pages of the online store itself and those with more detailed information are currently under construction and therefore cannot be used for now.If you want to order one of the quick tests online, you should make sure that you are really buying one of the layman approved products and not a professional quick test like the ones offered through the Amazon platform.When carrying out the latter at home, it is easy to make a mistake, as a result of which the obtained result may be distorted.In addition, it is worth checking the delivery time.If the delivery takes several days or weeks, it is possible that you will be able to get a test in pharmacies, discount stores or drugstores without any problems or even cheaper.Remember to pay attention to shipping costs as ordering single tests online can be very expensive.Source:© - All rights reserved